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Non Destructive Testing

Inspection services for material sanitation, thickness gauging, flaw detection, discontinuity detection and fitness for service of structural welding, pipeline and/or process line welding, pressure vessels and drilling tools.

Risk Evaluation

It is a process / methodology that allows understanding the risks associated with the operation of a plant / process and the effects that inspection, maintenance and mitigation actions have on such risks, involves the planning of an inspection based on information obtained through a risk analysis whose purpose is to identify degradation mechanisms capable of causing failures and assess the probability of occurrence and consequences of such failures.

Qualified Welding

Welder qualification services (WPQ), review and acceptance of welding procedures (WPS) and their respective qualification (PQR) by a recognized welding inspector qualified as CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) under the established in the QC-1 specification of the American Welding Society (AWS).

Manufacturing Inspection

Application of Third Party Inspection and Quality Control (TPI) processes based on ISO 17000 "Conformity Assessment" to ensure best practices and acceptance of equipment and components at the manufacturing stage or prior delivery to the end user.

NDT Training

Training with an integral approach for Risk Management Risk Management Systems; aimed at Maintenance, Inspection and Process Plant Engineers, Inspection, and process plant engineers.

Certifications & Human Capital

Qualified, certified and experienced technicians under the criteria of international standards.